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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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for permanent residents of the u.s. dewing nationals who use a passport from another country and a current visa holders and those what have already been granted asylum or refugee status. >> three of these nations are state sponsors of terrorism. the other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries, countries where governments have lost control of their territory to terrorist groups like isil or al-qaida, and its affiliates. >> attorney general sessions and homeland security secretary john kelly did not take questions following their briefing today, and the president signed the order without reporters present. the order goes into effect 10 days from now. the original travel ban will you recall led to chaos and protests at airports around the country at the end of january. it was challenged in court and put on hold last month by a judge in washington state. the new order rescrindz the old one so the -- rescinds the old one so the court fight will not
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continue. some say the changes address some of the legal changes but today the american civil liberties union promised to move very quickly to try to stop the order. here in the bay area the new travel ban has many in the muslim community both upset and feeling discriminated against. ktvu's rob ross is outside a mosque in pleasanton. rob. >> reporter: well, frank, here at the muslim community center people here have the same opinion of the new travel ban as they did the old one. they say it's hurtful. here at the muslim community center regular afternoon prayer came with concerns. the new executive order by president donald trump that bans immigrants from six instead of seven predominantly muslim countries once again is bringing pain and anger to many here. >> i am personally hurt because i am refugee. i'm a former refugee. >> reporter: this woman came to the united states from afghanistan when she was 11 years old. she is now a u.s. citizen. she says the travel ban may
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affect people from the six-ban countries directly but it also after a feck all muslims indirectly. >> it's just hard, because we want to have our families and raise our families here and be normal. i don't want to worry about this, you know. this is not something i want to worry about. i want to have other things, you know. band practice, this and that. that's what i want to do. >> reporter: nearby at her law office this immigration attorney who also is muslim says she is fielding calls from many worried clients. >> i have clients that are u.s. citizens but they have applied for their spouse in yemen. thunder current ban and under the previous ban they are not going to be able to bring their spouses to the united states. >> reporter: the white house denies the new order is a ban on muslims but many muslims say the white house is wrong. >> the new executive order, just like the old one, predominant al muslim ban. call it what you want but it is affecting muslim communities. >> reporter: the new order is set to go into effect march
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16th. opponents are likely to go to court to try and stop. frank. >> rob roth in pleasanton, thank you. bay area interfaith leaders spoke out against this new version of the travel ban. >> we feel strongly that the rewritten travel ban is identical to its predecessor in that it singles out muslims as presenting a danger to be warded off. it is still a muslim ban. >> the islamic network group held a news conference in santa clara. the faith leaders say they are especially concerned about the fate of refugees from muslim nations who are fleeing devastation and war in their home countries. an afghan family detained at l.a.x. over the weekend is now on its way to seattle. officials say the family will be interviewed in seattle on april 5th to determine if they are eligible to remain here in the u.s. the father had worked for the u.s. military in afghanistan and had received special visas for himself, his
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wife, and his three young children. a lawyer for the family says they should not have been detained in the first place. >> it's a type of visa where there is a long and very thorough vetting procedure that they had already gone through and passed, and so why they were stopped and detained, we're still trying to understand. >> the investigate process includes interviews, security checks, medical examinations and fingerprints. the father said in his petition that he is at risk in afghanistan because of his work for the u.s. military. afghanistan is not on the list of countries included in the president's travel ban. breaking news tonight out of washington. house republicans in the last 90 minutes released a bill that if passed will repeal and replace obamacare. the healthcare bill would eliminate the individual mandate, replace federal insurance subsidies with a new form of individual tax credits. it also rolls back the planned expansion of medicaid. the legislation would keep two
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of the most popular features of obamacare, though. letting young adults stay on their parents' health plans, and it would forbid insurers from denying coverage to those with preexisting conditions. in the past hour the speaker of the house paul ryan released a statement saying in part that the new bill, quote, protects young adults, patients with preexisting conditions, and provides a stable transition so that no one has the rug pulled out from under them. it didn't take long for pro and anti-trump protesters to start throwing punches. they squared off saturday in berkeley, resulting in some injuries as well as 10 arrests. this afternoon we are learning more about the arrests that have been made so far. our crime reporter henry lee is at the berkeley police department. henry, it is once again fighting off criticism of how it handled what happened over
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the weekend. >> reporter: of the 10 arrests, eight people were from the bay area including two juveniles. the other two were men from riverside and modesto. police cannot say who is for and against trump but they are defending their officers' hands- off approach. police made 10 arrests during a chaotic demonstration and counter protest at civic center park in berkeley. among those arrested was trump supporter kyle chapman of daly city. he is seen here at the protest wearing a helmet with a second amendment sticker, goggles, a respirator, and a texas state flag sweat shirt. he is carrying a shield with an american flag and a sign on a stick. our camera spotted him with a knife and chemical spray. ktvu caught up with him and asked him why he was carrying those items. >> don't talk to me. i'm busy right now. i'm busy right now. >> are you carrying weapons? do you have a knife? why did you bring a knife? >> knives are legal to carry in the state of california.
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go check your laws. >> reporter: berkeley police later arrested chapman for allegedly carrying a concealed knife, illegal use of tear gas, assault, and rioting. but some say he was acting in self-defense and protecting fellow trump supporters. he has become a cult hero among the right dubbed the alt knight, knight with a k. on twitter his wife says her husband was arrested for being a patriot and asked for donations to pay for his legal fees. meanwhile questions are again being raised about the police response. berkeley officers mostly sit by as fights breck out. in a statement, police said some of those fight diagnose not want their help and that at times officers did not arrest people immediately because they didn't want to touch off further violence or injure peaceful bystanders. police said they took video of the protest and that arrests could happen in the days afterwards. police also released this picture of items they confiscated there both sides. metal pipes, bats, 2 x 4s,
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helmets, and chemical sprays. now, police told me there is no one size fits all approach to this kind of situation. they did tell me they didn't want their officers swement up in a volatile crowd. minutes ago as may package was airing we did see kyle chapman leaving with his wife outside berkeley police, and minutes earlier i did ask for a jailhouse interview. he declined. for now that is the latest in berkeley. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> boy, it is really something, henry, when you take a look at all of those items that police confiscated. bricks and poles and things. did police say if they were going to change their tactics moving forward? >> reporter: at this point it all depends on the situation, because you have to look at the crowd size, are they armed with these objects, are their intentions pure, soto speak, or, as they said, are they bent on attacking those who do not share their viewpoint. so when that happens, when there's a protest and a counter demonstration, at times like
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this berkeley police say they have to take a different approach and not wade into a crowd know fog they do there might be additional violence. >> henry lee reporting for us in berkeley, thank you. so look at this. snow in the south bay, snow on mountain peaks in the east bay, and rain on and off throughout the day. the latest blast of winter weather to hit the bay area this year. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. kind of wacky out there. >> wacky is the way to put it. we had hail, thunder and lightning, snow on bay area peaks. there's still scattered showers. those are cold showers as you know. over the weekend we got significant rainfall in places like ben lomond. oakland was over an inch. san francisco downtown over an inch. so significant amounts of rainfall over saturday and sunday after that front went through, but now that front has slid through and we're in the cold unstable air. that's why we're getting snow
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in funny places. you can see the scattered showers, most of them just hit- and-miss showers. most of them moving out quickly. check out saratoga this morning. it was snowing up on the hill. you saw some significant snow up on santa cruz mountains. this is saratoga. this is near highway 9 and highway 35. not every day we see that. there was hail all over the place as well, all over the bay area. reports from pretty much everywhere. these were pictures taken from south san francisco last night. this was sent by a viewer. the hail coming down almost looks like snow. it really does. that's a lot of hail coming down there. of course would you expect the bay area peaks to have some snow, and they do. up on mount diablo, that's where christien kafton. he went up there looking for snow. it turns out a lot of were doing the same thing. >> reporter: we've all seen plenty of rain but snow on mount diablo is still just unusual enough to draw visitors up the slope, some with big plans. >> i think it's really great to
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build a snowman. >> reporter: it wasn't just seven-year-olds. these teens go to school in the shadow of mount diablo. >> in our area it's very infrequent we get snow so we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. instead of having to wait and have the snow come to us, we decided to come to the snow. >> reporter: mount diablo is always impressive, but blanked in a layer of snow, these high schoolers say it's breathtaking. >> it's incredibly beautiful. we see it every day. everyone was freaking out. so to come up here and check it out and be a little cold it's all worth it. >> reporter: visitors said this was a once, or maybe twice in a lifetime experience, so far. >> i've lived here almost my entire life, and my parents told me that maybe when i was four there was snow up here, but like 12 years, probably the first time. it's pretty crazy. >> reporter: if you are familiar with mount diablo we're close to juniper campgrounds, and summit road is closed to vehicle traffic from
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this point on but there's still plenty to see. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 5:30, residents are fuming in one san francisco neighborhood after a suspect in a series of burglaries is out of jail. coming up, they're worried that he may strike again. this is called easy mile, designed to resolve one of the most perplexing problems in mass transit. how to get to that last mile to transit and from transit. a college student senate voted to ban a conservative group from meeting on campus. but that's not the end of the story. coming up, the unusual move by a school official that allows the group back in. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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santa clara university is making headlines after a high ranking official overturned a vote of the student senate to allow a conservative organization to establish a chapter on campus. jesse gary live on the campus there in santa clara. jesse, how rare is it for the school to overturn a vote of the student senate? >> reporter: heather, school officials tell me this is the first time this has ever happened. the first time a vice provost has overturned the will of the students expressed through their student senate. while the wave of shock still rolls across this jesuit campus both sides of the debate are making their case for and against the presence of turning point here. >> i want to start it because once i learned about the organization that it was basically focused on fiscal policies, and things of that nature, like limited government, i figured it would be a great way to talk to students and get them involved in political discussions. >> reporter: what this junior started instead was a stampede
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of opposition. students and faculty voiced concerns of adding turning point to the list of recognized student organizations. >> i personally do not agree with what they stand for, so -- >> reporter: can you have a group you don't necessarily agree with and still allow them to have their say? >> i honestly don't know. >> reporter: there was little indecision by the school's association of student government. senators voted to block the group's registration. >> their link or association with speakers like milo june i can't yiannopoulos.
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senate's sort of like they didn't like us because we were conservative, then had to make up reasons to deny us, which i think is very unfortunate for free speech. >> reporter: for the first time the school's vice provost overturned the vote. jeannie acknowledges tension in parts of our community over the request, but she tells students in a letter, santa clara university's commitment to free speech, freedom of association, and the freedom of exchange of ideas for the purpose of developing knowledge and pursuing truth is a cornerstone of our community. >> i think that it is important that we grant a platform for everyone for free speech. >> reporter: the vice provost's decision is final. the scu branch will possibly have their first ability to be on campus at the student center this friday when they can set up tables, guys. >> jesse, we heard from students there. what has been the reaction from faculty? >> reporter: well, faculty is not too happy about this, as
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you can imagine. the provost actually had to write a letter to faculty saying that scu would become less of a university if it became intellectually intolerant excluding people or groups who fundamentally disagreed with the majority. so the provost had to step in as well. so there is a lot of anxiousness on campus over this. again, the group has just gotten the green light so they may set up an informational table over at the student union as early as friday, guys. >> jesse gary there in santa clara, thank you. it was a winter scene in napa county this morning with a dusting of snow and foggy skies. the highway patrol posted a few pictures on twitter from mount st. helena. >> i always make that mistake. i don't know why. i always say the same thing. >> they were taken at louis stephenson park. >> in the mountains, some places three and a half, four
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feet in two and a half days. so significant precipitation out of a weekend storm that really was nothing compared to the storms that we've been seeing all winter. so we're kind of getting used to the. a couple of years ago this would have been a major event with lightning and hail and snow on bay area peaks, but now it's kind of like that. no flood warnings. the clouds out there right now are pretty thick, and they will remain thick tonight. that's why overnight lows will remain upper 30s, low 40s, even in the coldest spots. we are seeing scattered showers out there. you see a little show in the mountain areas. there you see the fog or the clouds around the bay area. you don't see any rain really. there are some areas of light precipitation right now but it is just not -- it's kind of a non event right now as this thing clears out and sets us up for a pattern that will take us into this week that will be yielding temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. overnight low forecast, there you go, there's the forecast
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overnight. lucy mid-30s, upper 30s in the coolest spots, and with the cloud cover, basically look at some pretty mild overnight lows for early march. it is going to be chilly. there will be a little bit of frost out there. san francisco tomorrow morning still some sprinkles showing up north, but that's up by healdsburg. for the most part we're drying out. tomorrow morning is cool for everybody. and then things clear out or get partly to mostly sunny. you get a sky cover like that. by late in the day, it's mostly sunny. so tomorrow, tuesday, not a bad day, and it keeps getting better from there. temperatures are going to gradually warm. the forecast highs tomorrow, 60 in fairfield, 62 in concord, 62 in fremont. so that's up from the 40s and 50s we've been seeing the last couple of days. as we head into wednesday and thursday, these numbers will turn over into upper 60s, and low 70s. so a nice looking forecast as we go through the five-day period. it is dry. we're getting a real extended dry period. a slight chance out here on
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sunday butts not something to really worry too much about. overall a nice looking weather pattern. the mornings will be chilly. there might be a little bit of frost but not crazy chilly, because we will see a few clouds. a nice five-day forecast. the weekend was sort of do afternoon. there were opportunities to get outside but it was a wild weekend, typical for march. when we get weather systems in march we get snow at low elevations. we will see thunderstorms, funnel clouds. this is the time of year where you get that extreme instability because of the sun age gal. >> really something. >> it was crazy. it was pouring, then would it stop. >> the sun would come out. >> then hail. >> hard to keep up with it. >> looks like a couple of good days this week. >> a couple of good days. a tragic accident to tell you about in yosemite. a worker in the park killed. they say that the weather may be to blame for her death. and later, new at 6:00, a new development involving the oakland raiders and their possible move to las vegas. details on a new plan to finance the team's new stadium.
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plus, uc schools considering an enrollment cap on out of state students. details on a policy to give california students an advantage. that is coming up at 6:00.
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it's okay to cry, right? no more! we don't want anymore!
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. we're learning more about a woman killed by a falling tree at yosemite national park. officials say that tree fell on 20-year-old destiny rose bourgess. they say she worked for a concession company and was
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struck by the tree in half dome village. the former mayor of stockton is behind bars on a series of charges including grand theft, money laundering, and embezzlement. anthony silva pleaded not guilty to charges today in courtroom in stockton. he was arrested yesterday at sfo's returned from a trip to colombia. the d.a.'s office says when silva was the ceo of the stockton boys and girls club, he took part in a double dipping scheme in which he received grant money for the club and money from the school district. >> the most disadvantaged -- economically disadvantaged children in our community were taken advantage of. this was money and resources for them who needed it. and it was taken, stolen, and misused by him. >> silva is being held on a million dollars bail. this case is unrelated to silva's arrest last summer allegedly involving a game of strip poker at his youth camp
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in amador county. there is a new way to get to and from work for people in the north bay. the golden gate ferry started new service from tiburon to san francisco this morning. the service used to be provided by the blue and gold ferry but it said it was becoming too expensive to continue. golden gate transit says the run isn't a money maker but ultimately it means fear cars on the roads. commuters say the route is essential and that the golden gate ferry bite is much nicer. >> this boat is night and day different. the last one was barely sea worthy. it was dark and leaking, and this one looks like a cruise ship compared to the last one. >> the tiburon ferry makes four trips in the morning and four more in the afternoon. still to come here, caught on camera, burglarizing a home in san francisco, then released from jail days later. now homeowners are furious that the suspect is out.
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the bay area's aging infrastructure, you can see and feel it every time you hit the road. coming up, we will break down just how much you may have to pay. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. . the owner of a restaurant in san francisco is calling for stepped up police patrols after he says his car got broken into for the third time in a month.
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he says car break-ins are a serious problem in the lower hill neighborhood where his yemeni restaurant is located. he sheets been extremely frustrating because he feels like police aren't responding aggressively and are handling the break-ins as a low pry or knee. we will appreciate if the police just drive by, stop for a minute, have some tea, talk to us. you know what i mean? like once a day, twice a week. you know what i mean? i think that will just scare those people who have nothing to do, break in cars. >> he also says as a restaurant owner he is concerned the break- ins will chase away business as customers won't return if their car gets broken into. police say they can't speak to his case but that the department is working diligently to try to stop car burglaries and continue to partner with the community to reduce opportunities for these types of crimes to occur. san francisco public works crews were out over the weekend cleaning up after the homeless.
5:31 pm
as we reported last week several hotels, restaurants, and other businesses say that the city's increasing homeless population is scaring away tourists. garbage truck crews were out yesterday cleaning up an area near san bruno and alameda near the design center. they were scooping up discarded needles and trash. a tip from the public helped police arrest a man in a violent attempted robbery although a jewelry store. a 21-year-old was taken into custody. he is accused of trying to rob a jewelry store on grant street. investigators say was armed with a gun when he barged into the store and knocked an employee over before ordering everyone else to the ground. they say he then used a ham tore try to smash display cases full of gold and diamond jewelry. he is facing burglary, aggravated assault, and attempted robbery charges.
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we're getting new information on a fair at the walnut creek bart station that stranded about 400 passengers on saturday night. this video came from a ktvu viewer. bart says the fire started when breakers inside an electrical room tripped for some unknown reason and each time bart would try to reset the breakers they would trip again. after several attempts the breakers apparently overheated and caught fire. passengers were stuck for about two hours but no one was hurt. bart says there was no structural damage to the tracks or the station. if you have been dodging potholes all winter you are not alone. state legislators and officials are proposing a new and better plan to fix our roads. as ktvu's ann rubin reports they're trying to drum up support for a new bill. >> reporter: after a wet winter like this avoiding them isn't easy. potholes are everywhere, from
5:33 pm
small ones in san jose, to that one the size of a volkswagen that turned up on 580. >> i swerved to miss one and i hit another one. >> reporter: they will do a number on your car. >> dangerous. damages tires, damages suspensions. >> reporter: when it comes to fixing the situation lawmakers say we can and should be doing better. state senator jim bell is proposing sb-1, a funding package that would raise $6 billion annually. ebels it's a better bet to pay for continuing maintenance than to focus solely on emergency repairs which cost eight times as much to do. >> we have a budget that is getting eaten away by these emergency repairs. it is just going to get worse and worse. >> reporter: caltrans has spent $600 million on emergency road repairs over the last two months, a number like toll creep up to $1 billion by the end of storm season. >> it is more expensive to put band-aids on. >> reporter: lawmakers say there is a $135 billion backlog
5:34 pm
on a state and local level of repairs that keep getting put off. sb-1 would involve an increase in some gas taxes, a $38 increase in the vehicle registration fee and would require zero-emission vehicles to pay a $100 annual fee. senator bell is hoping the climate is right for this bill to get passed. ebels it is and says everyone has a pothole story, even him. >> it wrecked my differential in the car and i had to spend $4,000. >> reporter: even if sb-1 passes legislators say it could take 10 to 12 years to get rid of the backlog. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here, our highways and streets are clogged with cars, but a new shuttle sarvetion driverless shuttle is now being tested, and the hope is it could relieve our crowded streets. also, there are reports that baseball fans in spring training are getting gouged on
5:35 pm
ticket prices. our sports director mark ibanez is in arizona, but when he went looking into high-priced tickets he found a very different story.
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
our sports director mark ibanez loves baseball. it's his favorite sport. this week he's in arizona for spring training. today something interesting. mark says he was listening to a local radio talk show. the hosts were talking about
5:38 pm
how fans there feel like they're getting gouged by high ticket prices for meaningless exhibition games. so mark set out with that story in mind. but what he found was quite different. >> lemonade, lemonade like grandma made, yeah baby! >> reporter: it's the kind of scene you just don't see in the regular season. casual, friendly, low key autograph sessions. really, baseball at its best. mellow, fan friendly, games that don't count. not a whole lot of pressure all the way around. but it does come with a price. >> it's a little bit more expensive, but for me, it would have to go up quite a bit more to really feel like, i'm not sure if i want to do this. >> reporter: in recent years the spring training experience has skyrocketed. hotels, rental cars, all much
5:39 pm
higher. how about $12 beers and $8 hot dogs coming to mind. the giants have the third highest spring training ticket, averaging some $85 each. and winning a world series has licensed the chicago cubs to jack their prices up to an average of $120 a ticket, highest in the majors. >> i do believe that the price of the tickets did go up, but i don't know if it was because the cubs won the world series or not ?iew. always pay more for quale team. >> reporter: you got quality with the cubs. >> loyalty. >> reporter: it doesn't bother you. >> nope. well, yeah, i would like it cheaper, but we'll still go. >> get your programs right here, everything that you need to know about the game. >> reporter: this time with enthusiasm. >> how much did it set you back? >> $6 per ticket, but if you calculate the beer, it's going to be a little pricey. >> reporter: but to be honest,
5:40 pm
under sunny skies and near perfect temperatures, we couldn't find too many fans that had a problem with anything having to do with the prices. >> out here, yeah, you're paying a little more but the crowd is more intimate and you are with the real baseball fans coming from the bay area. >> i would pay $50 for a seat just to be able to stint in sunshine and enjoy watching the giants play ball. >> reporter: bottom line, it is expensive to take in a ball game here in the cactus league. but you know what? $12 beers be damned. you can get the players in a relaxed atmosphere. better chance of getting autographs, and, you know what, it sure does beat working. i'm mark ibanez for ktvu fox 2. >> oh, that mark ibanez. he's having fun down there. still to come, driverless mass trance knit. >> we think it's a great feeder system into our existing transit system. >> the new system being tested in the east bay that will solve one big problem that all mass transit systems suffer from.
5:41 pm
also, march madness. we're not talking about basketball. the ski conditions in the sierra. they are spectacular. plus, snow is coming down at some very low elevations. >> it is snowing up in lake tahoe right now. when i come back we will track the radar. we will track the upcoming week which has some temperatures i think you will be pleased with. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. . people in a neighborhood in san francisco say they are
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furious that a burglar who has been targeting their homes for weeks is out of jail. police say the thief can be zion this video stealing items from a garage in the home in the outer sunset district. tara moriarty spoke to the victim and her family who say the suspect should never have been released from custody. now they're worried dhee strike again. >> there is a gap hear in every door. what they will do is get a hanger and go through here, reach around until they get the emergency pull toggle and pull. that releases it from the mechanism, then they open it up. >> reporter: jessica bradshaw demonstrates how two burglars broke in. security cameras caught the thieves in action stealing cases of wine, snowboarding gear, and electronics. >> it's a bad feeling certainly, and it's hard to shake, and it's hard to feel totally secure. >> reporter: san francisco police say the man in the black hat is 40-year-old joseph who is current on probation.
5:45 pm
officers arrested him the next day but he was released from jail four days later. >> ultimately it is the judges that make the final decision on when someone is or isn't released. >> reporter: particularly frustrating, the commander says that he struck another home 12 days later, was arrested and released again just two days later. >> it is hard to believe that an individual who has committed so many crimes in such a short period of time and has been arrested who was already on probation is allowed to be released by the judicial system. >> i mean, why? we all know what he is going to do now. he is going to go and get another house. >> police believe he is responsible for a spate of burglaries. >> i think this whole mentality, i think many of the judges are a part of that, a part of the problem.
5:46 pm
we do have professional criminals. they have chosen that as their life's vocation. the criminal justice system has a responsibility to put them out of business. >> how do we feel totally safe when this is happening all over our neighborhood? >> police say there is a strong likelihood that he will reoffend. meanwhile they have used a zip lock tie threaded that the release tie. and there's this message. >> i think he should stop, and that was also very mean. i think he should stop robbing all these house in our neighborhood. >> reporter: in san francisco, tear day, ktvu fox 2 news. you may have noticed in that surveillance video that you can see two men. police are still looking for the second suspect, the one with the baseball hat on. a driverless shuttle system is being tested in the east bay. ktvu's tom vacar looks at how it would work. >> this says mile, a
5:47 pm
sophisticated driverless shuttle. the owners see this as a way to move thousands of employees to and from their respective buildings. this will help de con guest surrounding roadways. it's already proven technology. >> this system can carry up to 20 people so there is six sitting positions and six standing positions, sought can carry people with disability or talent. >> no closed circuit courts here but real world conditions. >> here you had a the interaction between cars backing up, pulling in, pedestrians walking around. you have more issues. >> reporter: the contra costa county authority has partnered with easy mile and the autonomous vehicle test system on the former concord naval weapons center to prove that
5:48 pm
easy mile is safe and that private/public partnerships work. >> there's a lot of legislative activity that has to happen to allow these vehicles to be on the roads to ensure that they're safe and sound for public use. >> we're providing drivers who aren't really going to be driving the vehicles. they will be riding along and make sure that anything that happens happens the waite should. >> reporter: the most important thing about this kind of transportation is that it solves what's called the first and last mile problem. the difficulty of getting to and from transit once you are going to work or you're done. >> we think it's a great feeder system into our existing transit system. >> reporter: this real low- speed testing will eventually lead to faster uses perhaps direct to and from bart. >> this vehicle is being rolled out in europe on public streets. >> reporter: numerous studies clearly reveal that many folks won't take transit. >> it's either too far away from the transit stop, or by the time they get up in the morning all the bart parking is
5:49 pm
taken. this will potentially solve that problem. >> reporter: soon this will give folks a real taste for transit. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the storm brought snow levels down to 2,000 feet this morning. some areas saw an inch of snow in places like colfax and placerville. the snowy weather closed a number of schools in the sierra region. there was even enough for a good snowball fight. >> it's nice because your foot don't get that deep in. >> is it too cold to have fun or can you still have fun? >> it's too cold. >> reporter: unless you're throwing a snowball. >> yes. >> interstate 80 finally reopened after being shut down from nevada state line to applegate due toe hazardous driving conditions. the closure lasted for nearly 10 hours. and the ski resorts, they are certainly enjoying all the snow from the latest storm. this is video from north star
5:50 pm
this morning of crews clearing snow so the people can get around the resort. north star says got more than two feet of show in the last 24 hours and more than 50 feet of snow so far this season. kirkwood received more than a foot of new snow. i saw pictures from one of the freeways up there. it's just a wall of snow on either side as you are driving. >> oh my gosh, they got so much snow. you know darren, our produce. do you know his story? >> no. >> he went up skiing. he had to come home on sunday because the weather was so bad. how long do you think it took him to get from alpine meadows home? >> four hours? five hours? >> double it, triple it. 12 hours. it's the worst. >> oh my gosh, 12 hours? can you believe that? >> poor darren. >> that's a three-hour drive. >> go commiserate with him in the newsroom. he's hurting right now. it was such a slow day. 80 was closed, and so 50, everybody balled up on. going to and from the mountains
5:51 pm
is just brutal. it's still not easy. right now 50 and 80, they've got some snow. across the nation's midsection we've got some big weather. we're starting to see tornado watches in these boxes from minneapolis all the way down to wichita and tulsa. so that very -- it's a narrow band. it shouldn't be too long- lasting but the fact that it is there this early in the season portends of a pretty aggressive severe weather season for the central part of the country. spring always is tornado time, but we're not spring yet. there's the snow in the mountains, chaining up on 50 and 80. both open at this point. i think this morning for awhile 80 was closed again. scattered showers around the area but it's all winding down and we're getting into a nice pattern. i think you will be pretty impressed with what we have coming up. overnight lows will be in the mid-30s. a little bit of frost. chilly out there now, 40s and 50s. warmer than it was yesterday at this time. a beautiful shot live outside.
5:52 pm
cumulus clouds lingering. you can see the flat bottoms. the lcl, lifted condensation level, when you see the flat bottoms. just tells you it's the temperature that a parcel of air will condense at, and when it's right at that line, that's why you get the sheer line like that. so this system moves out, we get high pressure, slowly building in. we get a cool night tonight. and then this high pops in and we get a run of weather like we haven't seen in awhile. temperatures will make it into the 70s, dare i say. 12 hours, frank. i know. >> i messaged him. i'm waiting to hear back. >> 12 hours. so tomorrow in san jose mostly sunny. in the afternoon, mostly sunny as. what nice looking day. the story this week, we will get highs tomorrow in the low and mid-60s, but the story this week will be the 70s that pop into play as we head into your bay area wednesday, thursday, friday, and even saturday.
5:53 pm
on sunday look what happens. maybe a few clouds, maybe a sprinkle, but i don't think that's much to worry about. you know what's going to be interesting, i think the high fever stuff is going to start to pop. >> he just messaged me back. the understatement of the year, he says, "yeah, it was crazy." the supreme court refuses to hear a transgender bathroom case. in minutes, new at 6:00, uc schools considering an enrollment cap on students from out of state. details on a proposed policy to give california students an advantage. plus, the oakland raiders could possibly, underscore bowl, be closer to moving to las vegas. details on a new plan to finance the team's new stadium, at 6:00.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the u.s. supreme court declined to hear the case of a transgender student in virginia who sued to use the boys bathroom at his school. the decision comes after the trump administration overturned an obama administration rule to let students use the bathroom of their chosen gender. kristin fisher tells us all of this comes as a number of states are grappling with the issue. >> reporter: the supreme court will not hear the case of gavin grimm, a transgender student who sued to use the bathroom that he identifies with, not the one of his original gender, the court sending the case back to the lower courts for further consideration after the trump
5:57 pm
administration changed the federal government's position on whether public schools must allow people to use bathrooms based on their identities instead of their birthright. in texas where state senate bill 6 subpoena for debate the lieutenant governor says it is designed to protect all people in the most delicate situations. >> north carolina was the tip of the spear. we will be next to pass a bill that focuses on privacy, a person's privacy, and public safety, as we focus on the needs investor student, but protecting all students and all adults. >> reporter: north carolina is a state that leaves that decision up to the local authorities, and the state's lieutenant governor says that any legislation must be able to provide for all. >> i believe that this is an issue about doing the right thing. unfortunately it's not an a issue about the transgender community. it's not an issue about the lgbt community. this is an issue about privacy and safety and protection for
5:58 pm
all people. >> reporter: transgender rights activists say they're disappointed in the ruling but vow to continue to fight for their rights. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. >> a farmer in tennessee has destroyed thousands of chickens to prevent the spread of the bird flu. it's the first confirmed case of the h7 avian flu. 30 other farms in an area west of chattanooga are also under quarantine. >> we are conducting surveillance and testing hundreds of samples from poultry in a 10-kilometer radius. >> health officials say that no people have been infected but they say they are monitoring the people who worked at the farm. well, from snow on the peaks to rain and bursts of hail elsewhere, it has been another day of wild weather here in the bay area.
5:59 pm
tonight we are tracking those conditions as this latest storm winds down. good evening. i'm heather holmes in for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. we have seen a little bit of everything today. for most of the bay area today's storm moved through bringing scattered showers. these were the kins oakland about 1:00 this afternoon. >> and in the north bay today's storm brought more hail. check out this video sent to us by a viewer from sonoma just this morning. >> then take a look at this. a rare dusting of snow on bay area mountain tops. our crews found people on mount diablo this morning enjoying the winter weather. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin is here tracking the conditions from the weather center. boy, it's just -- i mean, we ran the gamut. >> a little bit of everything. the sun came out, the wind came up, the hail came down, the snow came down. >> and it was cold. >> and it was cold. >> it really was. >> and there's still a few scattered showers out there now but it is mostly over.
6:00 pm
we got a significant amount of rainfall over the last two days. some areas up to two inches. oakland over an inch. an inch and a half in ben lomond. these are nothing compared to would we have seen, but i will tell you what did happen in the mountains around lake tahoe, they got significant snowfall. i mean, this storm favored the mountains like no other. two, three, three and a half, i am even hearing reports of nearly four feet of snow is up around the higher elevations of lake tahoe the last two and a half days. so it's snowing up there now. complains on 50 and 80 on and off. still a lot of snow. when you talk to people up there, the problem they're having now is where you put the snow. they're having trouble finding places in truckee, donner, where you put the snow. so they're having a lot of infrastructure issues. if you are going up that way, even though the next few days will be nice you have got to be prepared for a lot of snow on the roads because it's just piled up so high on the sides. no showers out


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